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Why Secrecy during Pregnancy?

I would love to scream from the mountain tops when I become pregnant the day I take the pregnancy test. Why the reservations? Some mystics believe not announcing a pregnancy until out of the first trimester because all is well after that. I know different! In 2015 I announced a pregnancy at 5 months. I was in the “safe” zone. So I thought. I later miscarried 2 weeks later at 22 weeks. It was a devastating loss as one could and have imagined personally. So many things played in my head. Why did this happen to me? I shouldn't have put it on social media. What did I do wrong? So many thoughts as to the why. I believe in energy. I believe that not everyone has the same loving intentions I have and do not wish me well. I believe in “Goat Mouth” (Trini twang). But, I also believe things are ordained. It is already written. “To Be to Be”. After going through the healing process I know exactly why that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. God had plans. Big plans. God had the steps 1 by 1 and there was no more questioning why he took my baby. It was to accept, heal and come out greater.

I can only exude positive vibrations and hope that it bounces right back to me. Since miscarrying in 2015, i've been terrified to announce my pregnancies. My 3rd pregnancy (rainbow baby) I didn't tell people until they happened to see me pregnant or those very close to me and living in my home. Most people found out when I was obtaining their address to attend the celebration of our Earth baby. After having a miscarriage and having to explain countless times what happened? What did you have? Etc etc. I've been more cautious & guarded in celebrating this wonderful joy. But I love being pregnant. I love carrying Gods vessels & I love being a mother.

Sat Nam


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