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Kundalini Yoga

"Keep Up & you will be kept up!"

_Yogi Bhajan


Private classes available.  Email to book a private class with Isis - Devi Dyal Kaur

You can also gather a group of 10 or more and Isis will come to you. 

$15 per person for group classes


Kundalini Yoga:  is known as the Yoga of Awareness


Yoga is a relationship for one to unite with the Infinite consciousness. It is a technology & science of using the mind and the body to elevate the spirit. Kundalini Yoga is Universal and is for everyone.


Kundalini Energy is an energy that in most times lies dormant at the base of your spine. Mantras and meditations assist in facilitating the rise of the Kundalini energy from the dormant place up the chakras to elevation to your crown Chakra (your head). As with many other yogas, Kundalini serves as a technique to live a happy, healthy and bring spiritual awareness to life. All forms of yoga focus on stimulating and regulating the human energy. This conscious energy is called Kundalini.


What you need to know before class? 

  • Try to arrive at least 20 minutes before class begins

  • shoes must be removed upon entering

  • Bring water 

  • Wear comfortable clothes, white is preferred. The reason behind wearing white is white clothes enhances your Kundalini experience by expanding your electro-magnetic field (the aura), your personal awareness and makes it easier for the teacher to see how you are breathing and moving during class. 

  • Remove socks during Kundalini Class

  • Come with yoga mat (we have available here also for use), towel if preferred

  • to achieve maximum benefits it it recommended to not eat within 2 hours of taking Kundalini Yoga. If you must eat before, eat a light fruit 


How Kundalini classes begin and end? 


All Kundalini Yoga classes begin with "tuning-in" with the Adi Mantra:


"Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo"



 "I bow to the subtle divine wisdom, the divine teacher within."


This is chanted together with the teacher and the other students 3 times, with a long deep breath.


The closing song - End class 

"May the Longtime Sun Shine Upon You, All Love Surround You, and the Pure Light within You, Guide Your Way On

May the Longtime Sun shine Upon You, All Love Surround You, and the Pure Light Within you, Guide your way on, guide your way on, guide your way on"  


followed by chanting Sat Nam, which means "Truth in my name, Truth is my identity, Infinite Identity."


Don't forget to stay a while and enjoy a cup of Yogi Tea

Sat Nam!


Class Schedule: 

Length: 60-90 minutes

Children's Kundalini (ages 7-12 yrs old)

Class Schedule: 

Length: 45 Minutes

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