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Help Me Understand the Yoni Egg!


We have received hundreds, if not thousands of emails from women all over the world about the Yoni Egg, what is it? how do you use it? is it working? will it get stuck in me? I can't feel the Yoni! Can you help me pick a Yoni Egg, Which one should and choose? This is only my little 1 experience. But experiences is what builds our character, its what makes us credible to speak on certain topics. It defines who we are. So again, I speak from my experience.

How do I choose my Yoni Egg?

Isis: When I'm choosing the Yoni Egg to insert or carry around with me, I sit still for a while. Go over how i'm feeling. Are any of my chakras low, do any of them need healing, balancing, strengthening etc, I perform reiki on myself. I had a loss! Believed I handled well. I cried, I prayed, I meditated, I read, I sat in silence, I did tons of Yoga, I laughed. I went thru every imagineable emotion but the emotion that soothed me was how the experience humbled me immensely. During an attunement from my Reiki Master, Brian, he felt that my heart chakra was low and asked if I had suffered a loss, which I said yes and an array of emotions flowed up into my being and I bawled like a baby! I agreed to do reiki on my heart chakra daily. I added my Rose Quartz Yoni Egg to the mix. Let's hit the healing from all angles. I let my Rose Quartz do its work. It stayed in me for a week. I did everything with the Yoni Egg in me: Slept, ate, did yoga, taught class, went to work! EVERYTHING! LOL! and when my Yoni Egg was ready to come down, i felt her coming down and I caught her. I felt such a lightness after that.

How do you pick the size Yoni Egg?

Isis: I'm a mother of 2. 1 living. I've birthed 2 children. When I began my Yoni Egg journey, I started with a medium. I thought I was cute. ha! lol. I digress...I then began to use a large yoni egg. I was a beginner so I started with a large yoni egg. I fluctuate between the large and the medium yoni eggs. I also pick the yoni egg I want to use based on how I'm feeling. I tune into my mood, attitude, energy, vibrations and choose which one. I have multiple Yoni Eggs in different stones and sizes, so I have that luxury of picking different ones. But if you only have 1 yoni egg, make it work, until you get more. Make nothing an issue.

If you've never used a Yoni Egg before, birthed a baby or over 50 years of age start with a large Yoni Egg. Once you master that large, move unto the medium. When you are really feeling yourself and the power of your pussy, go to small. You are a master! You are Woman! You are Divine!

Can the Yoni Egg get stuck in my Vagina?

Isis: It depends on what you consider stuck. Are you a control freak? lol. if so then yes it's stuck up there. I believe in letting the Yoni Egg do its healing work as well as recieving the benefits of tightening the vaginal cavity. When i'm going to use the bathroom sometimes i'll take it out if I feel it coming down before using the bathroom, if not I use the bathroom with control to hold it up in place. But other than that, I let the Yoni Egg stay for as long as it wants to. Always thanking the Divine for supplying Earth with these amazing gifts encapsulated with healing properties. How blessed are we?!

Do you use the Yoni Egg while on menstrual cycle?

Isis: To each its own, but me personally no! I treat my cycle as a time of cleansing. So no Yoni Egg, no Penis! 4 days plus 1 day of Grace! A time to cleanse and replenish my womb space. But if you feel like you want to use your Yoni Egg during your cycle. Do what pleases you! :)

What are Reiki charged Yoni Egg?

It's using the Universal life energy to heal. Same process is done on the Yoni Egg. Don't think about it to much. God is healing. We are made in Gods image, so if that is true, we are healers as well and can use our hands to heal ourselves and others. So, if you want your Yoni Egg reiki charged. After purchasing, you can send us an email to with order # stating you will like your Yoni Egg Reiki charged. We do it free of charge with purchase.

You can click on this link to go to the Yoni Egg experience page also to read up on where Yoni comes from etc.!yoni-egg-experience/cbb9

Hopefully, this has helped you to chose your Yoni Egg and understand the process. It's very simple. Don't think to much on it but trust the process instead.

Divine Sacred Space


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