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Clean Point Detox Pearls/ Herbal Tampons FAQ 

What are the properties of the product "Clean Point "?

The action of the “Clean Point” product is aimed at countering physical conditions that have persisted as a result of delayed treatment or delayed examination by the doctor. “Qing Gong Wan” is a therapeutic and prophylactic tampon for women. The product is very effective, widely applicable, and has a unique adsorption property. “Quing Gong Wan” contains only Chinese herbs that have beneficial effects on the body and promote rapid healing for disorders such as irregular menstrual cycle, uterine bleeding, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and polyps of the uterus. The product also has antipyretic effect, removes toxins from the body, relieves inflammation, cleanses the uterus and vagina from bacteria and contaminants thus renewing tissue, reduces inflammation of the pelvis, and aids in resolving all kinds of vaginitis. Treatment with the product can also aid to relieve the pain in the lumbar region, abdomen, legs; adjusts the internal secretions; improves circulation and complexion; smoothes wrinkles and removes skin pigmentation spots; cleanses and rejuvenates the body; and tightens vagina and uterus.


Why is "Clean Point" tampons, which relieves inflammation and kills bacteria, seen as such a helpful treatment for gynecological diseases?

In today’s market, a large number of products can eliminate the bacteria, but generally only temporarily. Such drugs can not completely cleanse the uterus of various contaminants and viruses, thereby allowing problems to persist. As soon as you stop taking these drugs, the bacteria multiply again, leading to more serious and prolonged gynecological diseases that require additional drug treatment.


Why "Clean Point " tampons are a reliable herbal treatment?

“Clean Point” tampons- is a reliable product, because:

It consists of specially selected natural medicinal herbs; -No stimulants and no side effects; -The product is manufactured by traditional Chinese-tested formula; -The production process takes place in controlled sterile environment, effectively isolated from dust, bacteria and chemical additives; -Each swab unit is sterilized by laser that kills bacteria; -Product quality is assured by adherence to international association of quality standards and the product meets GMP standard;

When used, the tampon must enter into the vagina approximately 7 cm to the location where the blood vessels concentrate. The tampon acts directly on the area from which the pain is generated. The product acts rapidly, drawing out and eliminating the disease-causing bacteria in the uterus, vagina and ovaries. The product has strong adsorptive action, aids regulation of metabolism, reduces swelling, and resolves polyps, which may be on the walls of the vagina and the uterus. “Qing Gong Wan” contains special ingredients that restore cell function. The result is that herbal tampon treatment normalizes the work of the main functions of reproductive organs, regulates their internal secretion, and improves blood circulation.


Why after using tampons, would there be rejuvenation?

Every woman desires to exude a healthy natural beauty. The level of female sex hormone secretions affects the appearance of health and beauty. With age, ovarian function declines, the level of secretion of female sex hormones decreases, and as a result, a woman’s face appears older-looking, the vagina becomes excessively dry, and the libido weakens.


What cosmetic benefits can the "Clean Point" tampons regimen provide?

It’s no secret that most women desire to be their most beautiful and healthy. Cosmetic beauty starts from within. Elimination of pigmented spots on the face can be effected by first clearing the body of toxins and then removing toxins from the digestive system. These related methods lay the foundation for the international association of cosmetologists society’s recommendations. The challenge was to solve the problem of cleaning the digestive system of the organism from toxins. The international society of cosmetologists was extremely surprised by the stunning results of the drug “Qing Gong Wan”, composed of 2 primary components, with a strong adsorption and near 100% effectiveness in removing toxins. According to statistics, in China 28.2% of young women have pigmented spots on the face, 27.5% – 31% of patients were diagnosed with uterine fibroids, breast cancer and other gynecological disorders caused by toxins, metabolic disorders and internal secretion. Chinese medicinal herbs have a special effect of regulation of internal secretion and its recovery through the activation of blood circulation, normalization of the menstrual cycle and the Qing Gong Wan is used to treat not only female disorders, but they are also a way to improve appearance by resolving pigmentation spots. In China, the product is often called “the savior of women.”


Why does the "Clean Point" tampon have a rejuvenating effect and reducing of the vagina?

The product improves blood circulation, normalizes metabolism in tissues of the vagina, and makes vaginal muscles more elastic. The result is firming and reduction, as well as improved lubrication and sensitivity.


Why does stomach discomfort occur while using "Clean Point" tampons?

After using a tampon, a feeling of discomfort in the abdomen is normal. The pain occurs as a result of adsorption and reduction of the vagina in the place where the inflammatory process occurs. Discomfort should gradually subside with continued use of the series of tampons.


Why when using the "Clean Point" tampons is external vaginal itch sometimes noticed?

Due to the necessary conditions at a certain temperature and humidity, the swab that is placed inside the vagina acts with a strong herbal smell. While the swab is in action, toxins and bacteria are drawn off and captured, but not yet out of the body, so this can irritate sensitive vaginal walls. In such cases, douching with medicinal herbs (e.g. chamomile) is recommended, and for a persistent itch wash cavity vagina with warm water with salt dissolved in it.


Why do pigment spots quickly disappear after a normal menstrual cycle?

Brown pigmentation spots are a disorder peculiar to women (usually over thirty years of age). Chinese medical knowledge informs that pigment spots are a result of stagnation of blood. Some patients resort to skin grafts, but this method does not always help, because after 3 days or a maximum of six months, this spot may again emerge as the main cause of this disease is blood stagnation. Stagnation of blood is caused by internal factors. The main method of treatment takes place by increasing blood circulation, which improves the conductivity of the collaterals (collaterals – a branch of the bypass blood vessels that provide inflow or outflow of blood to bypass the main vessel at its thrombosis or obliteration). Stagnation of blood can cause menstrual irregularities. Therefore, to restore the cycle treatment should address blood stagnation. According to Chinese medicine, regulation of the menstrual cycle occurs through the interaction of internal organs, the system Jingli, Qi blood. Most important in the human body is its internal organs and Jingli. Qi blood – this is the real foundation of the body, internal organs – and is the source of activating blood circulation, regulating Qi blood. Qi – is the force of blood. For women, the blood – is the main substance in menstruation. Distortion of the functions of internal organs affects the Qi of blood. This leads to various women’s diseases, such as: uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, mastitis, pigment spots, premature aging. Therapeutic and prophylactic tampons for women, consisting of more than 20 components of medicinal plants completely regulate the internal secretion and stimulates blood circulation for better conductivity of collaterals, strengthen the immune system.


Is it true that after the application of one unit of tampon a noticeable improvement can occur?

Scientists who have studied women’s diseases have found that young girls rarely have problems with the genitourinary system, whereas in mature women these problems are very common. An anatomical study showed that in women after childbirth the uterus droops, vagina expands, the walls of the uterus and vagina are not as smooth as when younger, there are many folds and hidden cavities, blood clots accumulate, and the remnants of epithelial tissues remain. At a certain temperature and humidity, the uterus and vagina are the ideal place for bacteria and viruses, which leads to various women’s diseases of the genitourinary system. In addition, blood vessels are destroyed during childbirth (especially if caesarean section), the internal secretion and metabolism is disrupted, there is stagnation of blood, which greatly affects the digestive system and reduces the performance of the kidneys and liver, and other possible debilitating effects. All this leads to the ailments of the internal organs, the appearance of dark spots on the face, wrinkles, obesity, etc. According to Chinese medicine, treatment should be undertaken in a complex. All these factors lead to diseases of the uterus and ovary. Therapeutic and prophylactic tampons have properties to resolve inflammation, regulate internal secretion, and neutralize poisons that are in the internal environment of the organism as a result of their chemical transformations. Thanks to these properties, a woman can regain her beauty and health! What is the connection with the internal secretions of the body

A properly functioning state of internal secretion is manifested in the complexion. In addition, product has a beneficial effect on the vaginal wall, aids in regulation and enhancement of blood circulation, and regulates the production of female hormones.

In how many days a tampon can be used after childbirth or surgical procedures?

Childbirth or surgical procedures on the reproductive system can result in wounds to the uterus. The strong effect of a tampon can cause some pain when the uterus is recovering from childbirth or surgical procedures, so use of a tampon should not commence earlier than 30 days after delivery or a surgical procedure. After birth, for the duration of the breast-feeding period, it is not recommended to use a tampon.


Can women experiencing menopause use the tampons?

The “Clean Point” tampons can be used during menopause. The “Clean Point” treatment regimen stimulates cells, restores the level of development of female hormones, regulates the debilitated internal secretion, and relieves pain and joint pain. After using a tampon, some women feel dryness in the vagina. Before use, the tampon should be held a few minutes in sterilized water at room temperature.

After using 1 or 2 units, when tampon is removed, there is a mass of white tissue-like build up that is extracted with the tampon.

This is normal, as it is the process of cleaning the body from bacteria. Due to its effects, the tampon promotes peeling of dead cells of the epithelial tissue, cleansing the body and stimulates the growth of new tissue.


Some women have dry skin on the face and yellow or dark spots before menstruation, often accompanied with stomach cramps. Can a tampon to help in these cases?

The product can help and will visibly improve such a skin condition caused by female disorders. According to Chinese medicine, the pain is due to stagnation of blood. When the circulation of blood is flowing without constriction in the vessels with increased blood flow and better conductivity through the collaterals, the above female problems will disappear and the skin condition improves markedly.


Can I use a tampon if I have cervical erosion and inflammation of the uterus?

It is possible; patients with a diagnosis of cervical erosion and inflammation of the uterus feel constant pain in the abdomen. Necrotic tissue, thick mucus or blood clots of dark color come out from the uterus and vagina after using 1-2 tampons.


Why after use of a tampon is there a feeling of dryness?

The feeling of dryness is normal after using 1-2 units. With age, dryness of the vagina increases. Older women are advised before you insert the swab, put it in warm boiled (sterilized) water for several minutes.


Why clumps and dark colored blood are extracted when the tampon is removed after use?

If you have such results, then you can be pleased! The clumps that are extracted are old clotted blood and bacteria, which have long been collecting on the walls of the uterus. The structure of the tampon contains selected herbal substances that enhance the functionality and sensitivity of the cells, reduce the womb, remove dead cells, blood stagnation, and the remnants of fabrics to prevent inflammatory processes.


What if signs of allergic reaction appear?

Some women’s systems are especially sensitive to herbal substances. First you need to determine how sensitive is your organism and be sure whether you might experience allergic or in rare cases, anaphylaxis reaction from the herbs, which are part of the tampon. Vagina – is a very sensitive spot in the body, and in the process of the herbal action, epithelial cells are separated and are ejected with the tampon. With a very sensitive organism and allergy to a particular herb, the use of the herbal tampon is contraindicated.


Why do tampons have a pleasing effect of a more bountiful bust?

Breast size is influenced somewhat by the secretions of ovarian hormones and the tampons regulate the balance of female hormones, resulting in an effect of beautiful shapes and enhanced shape of bust.


Can the same swab used more than once?

The same swab should not be used more than once because of possible contamination!


Can a tampon be used after resection of the uterus and ovarian cancer?

It is possible, but only after complete recovery (usually within 6 months after surgery), as a tampon has a strong influence (cleaning the vagina, increased libido). For older women it is recommended to soak the swab in warm boiled (sterilized) water for 2 minutes before insertion.


Why does use of a tampon seem to be accompanied by some bleeding?

The bleeding that may be observed when using the tampon is the blood that accumulates in the uterus and on the walls of the vagina. Under the action of a tampon, unwanted bacteria and remnants of necrotic tissue are dissolved and expelled. Such a response promotes the free flow of circulation within the blood vessels, improves movement Jin Luo, and stimulates the emergence of various discharges, equalizes the balance of Yin and Yang, and as a result, the amount allocated to the blood during menstruation may increase.


Why after using a tampon are white clots expelled?

The white clots that may be noticed when tampon removed are clots of dead skin cells. The presence of these clots is normal.


Why after using tampons may the menstrual cycle be disrupted?

The tampons consist of specific herbs that improve blood circulation, improve blood microcirculation, and movement Ching Lo (veins). The uterus and ovaries are the stimulants of the normal menstrual cycle. Using tampons restores and improves the function of the uterus and ovaries. Do not worry if you have altered menstrual cycle, it is quite normal, with time he will come back to normal.


Why during treatment with the tampon might there be headache or pain in the back and legs after using just one or two?

Congratulations for getting these results after application of 1-2 tampons! The pain that you are concerned with is due to impaired blood flow in the veins, especially in the liver and gall bladder. The emergence of pain is a sign that the swab is having positive effect on your body.


Why do some women have sore breasts after using 1-3 tampons?

In this case, it is best to discontinue using the tampons (soreness should disappear shortly thereafter). A consultation with doctor is advisable if soreness in breasts continues to persist.


Is it true that tampons upset the pH balance of the vagina?

No, the tampons do not impact the acid-alkaline balance in the vagina, but rather restore the mucous tissues, making it thicker and more able to resist.


What if someone mistakenly places the tampon in the mouth. What should be done in this case?

In this case, you do not need to worry because the tampon includes medicinal herbs, the product has no side effects and every tampon is sterilized by laser exposure to eliminate bacteria. The tampon manufacture adheres to the state standard of hygiene; product quality is confirmed by the China Association of Health.


Within a month after the abortion I felt good. Then I tried a tampon, and I felt bad. Tell me, please, is the tampon causing side effects?

Deterioration is unlikely to be connected with the use of the tampon, because it consists purely of herbs, without adverse effects. An abortion is a serious surgical procedure, which negatively impacts the body. In this case, we advise you to consult your doctor.


During the 4 years I have been suffering from chronic inflammation in the pelvic area. After the application 4 tampons, the pain intensified. When I removed the tampon, the pain lessened. Please explain why this is so?

The pain is due to therapeutic effect of the herbal preparation in the tampon; if you have diagnosis of inflammation in the pelvis then usually there will be heightened pain in the abdominal area while you use the tampon and the stronger the existing inflammation, the more noticeable the pain. Of course, if pain seems especially severe and persistent, then you should consult your doctor.


I have had toxic vaginitis for more than 2 years. Which treatment should I follow?

You need to follow three courses of treatment. The fact that the tampon slipped itself out of the body, likely means that the vagina and uterus had accumulated a mass of bacteria and necrotic tissue or old clots. When the tampon is no longer adsorbing in the vagina, it may extrude itself out of the body.


In the first month after the abortion, menstruation is regular. After using a tampon, a subsequent menstrual cycle is accompanied by a large amount of blood. This month there are no monthly. After 10 days, the injection of progesterone. 7 days have passed and still no monthly. The lack of menstruation may be somehow connected with the use of tampons or not?

Variation of the menstrual cycle after an abortion is a common phenomenon and it can occur to those who do not use the tampon. If regular menstruation doesn’t resume, it would be wise to consult your gynecologist and temporarily discontinue use of tampon. If no vaginal or uterine damage or is found, then continue treatment.


Can a woman be sexually active during the use of tampons or not? If before engaging in sexual contact tampon is removed and residual exfoliated tissue left inside, what is advice in this case? Can I engage in sex after removing a tampon or not?

You should allow at least 3 hours between removing tampon and engaging in sexual activity. After you remove the tampon from the vagina, exfoliated tissue can be evacuated when syringing after removal of tampon.


I have a toxic vaginitis. After using 3 tampons, my chest started to ache. Especially pain increases before menstruation, and so continued for 4 days. Why?

If you use a tampon and there is slight pain in the chest, it means that you have a problem, most likely a stagnation of blood in the chest. Since the tampon improves conductivity (jing luo) and activates blood circulation, the presence of such pain is natural. Prior to menstruation, such pain is generally heightened.


Can women with uterine fibroids use this herbal tampon?

It should be noted that tampons are helpful for a condition of uterine myoma (fibroid tumors), as the herbal preparation enhances normal blood circulation, exfoliates necrotic tissue and stimulates the growth of new tissue. If you are bleeding while you use the tampon, treatment should be halted until such time until it ends. After that, you can again continue the treatment.


I would like to ask first - prior to use of the tampons I have not had any disorders, then I used herbal tampons. Once I stopped using them, I noticed an itch. After I began again to use the tampon, the itching passed. Please explain what is happening?

The appearance of itching is a sign that you were likely not completely healthy. Because of stimulating effect of the tampons, the previously existing problem was made more noticeable. It is possible that for some time you did not follow rigorous hygiene practice. It is also possible that if the herbal tampons were not our product, then the other manufacturer’s tampons may have had some side effect.


While using a tampon, can I have an X-ray?

It is advisable to remove the tampon for 10 days before X-ray screening.


Tell me please, can I use a tampon to prepare the uterus and vagina in pregnancy?

Yes you can, after you finish menstruating. However, before trying to conceive, you should discontinue use of tampon and not use the tampon during pregnancy.


It has been a year since erosion of the cervix. A doctor at the hospital told me I shouldn't need to take any medications. Tell me please, can I use tampons or not?

If the doctor told you so, then you likely had a weak erosion. But even with weak erosion, one should pay special attention to it. If at the initial stage of erosion is difficult to be cured, then later the cure will be more difficult. So while you still have a weak erosion, you can use herbal detox pearls/ herbal tampons.


My wife had a polyp of the uterus. It was removed recently but hasn't gotten better. Now the uterus is bleeding more than before. Could you tell me please how it can be cured? We have no children, but want in 1-2 years! Thank you.

The herbal tampons can solve this problem of a polyp of the uterus effectively. Course of treatment is 1-2 packages. Since your wife’s polyp is removed, then after the restoration of the uterus (2-3 months) you can start treatment with the swabs.


I inserted a new tampon after using the previous tampon. Now I have a discharge something like water. Prior to that, this same discharge was noticed, but then to a lesser extent. I already took 3 courses of treatment, why is there still the same discharge. When can I finish the treatment and how long do I need to continue to use tampons? Sometimes the intervals between applying tampons was 10 days, which is longer than recommended. Will this have an effect?

If you really want to effectively treat the disorder, be sure to follow the instructions and always use the tampon with an interval of not more than 3 days, otherwise the bacteria will multiply rapidly once again. For example, if you have a cold and you take your medicine today but then wait for another 10 days before taking more medicine, you can’t expect such a regimen to have desired curative effect.


Do the herbal tampon free adhesions from the fallopian tubes?

If your fallopian tubes are blocked up with a mucus and this stuff formed the adhesions then the tampons could help to dissolve and derive this mucus stuff. But if the adhesions has the different nature then it is likely could help. Any way you can try to use tampons and we would recommend you to try at least the course, 6 tampons, may be will be needed more 12 tampons.

Recommended Treatment:


  • 6 tampons. In case of chronic diseases, you need to repeat treatment 2-3 times (12-18 tampons)

  • In case of endometriosis and vaginal inflammation, you need to have 4 treatments (24 tampons) 

  • In case of pelvic inflammatory disease,you need to have 5 treatments (30 tampons)

  • In the absence of any acute/chronic gynecological diseases, use 2 tampons a month for preventive purposes

  • After sexual intercourse you may use 1 tampon to eliminate risk of bacterial infection

  • You may use tampons while traveling as a preventive measure against possible bacteria

  • You may use tampons after swimming in a pool

  • In case of abortion, it's recommended to use at least at least 3 tampons

  • In case of deep detox, insert 3 pearls at the same time for 3 days

  • In case of general detox use 3 pearls. 1 pearl every 3 days with a 24 hour break in between each pearl










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