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Body BuTHers Say What? Not Body Butter?

Body Buthers? Say what? This his how the story goes. lol. I'm talking to my good friend Roxy Face (that's what I call her sometimes) about wanting to dive in to making body butters, tinctures, salves, tea infusions, scrubs etc. I say "hey i'm going to try to make body butters". I care 100% what I put in my body and on my skin etc. At least, if I make the butters myself, I know what is in it, my intentions are well, I feel secure in the ingredients used. The integrity behind it, is high and organic.

She is so enthused with the idea and wants to be an active participant in Divine Sacred Space. She bawls out "I want to make body buTHers!" with this huge emphasize on the TH in BUTTER that has no TH to begin with!! I'm from Trinidad, she's trini also, if you know anything about trini's, when they get fancy, "proper speaking" they may add a letter or two to really show emphasis on what they are trying to convey so you realllllyyyy understand. Yes just like what I did there with that reallyyyyyy! So here we are now, months later calling this body butter DIVINE BODY BUTHERS! We've made no mistake in the spelling, just so you know. lol. Body butters, salves, tinctures, loose herbs will be added to the website soon. Stay tuned!

Fast forward to now! This blog was originally written June 9th, 2015. Today is October 15th, 2016. We've been working feverishly on perfecting various butters and ingredients. Some utter failures. We are now confident to share the "buther" line that we've created. These products will be launched by November 15th on our website. Just in time for "Thanksgiving"! we are thankful. This line will take an additional 3 days of processing as all the butters will be made on demand in small batches to preserve the freshness of the product. We hope you enjoy this line.

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