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This class is donation based. 



Learn how to BREATHE...

There is no better time to maximize your full breath potential.


This class will focus on learning about the breath and expanding on our breath capacity. 

You are alive because of the breath of life. Use the breath of life in a slow potency to heal you, your mind, and to brighten your soul. Breathe in slowly, consciously, hold it consciously, and let it go consciously and slowly. Get to that rhythm, control it yourself. It can heal all, because it's the breath of life, which is the spirit in you, which is the soul in you, which is actually you, alive.

The link between you and God is through the breath of life. The breath of life can communicate for you. It's a messenger, a messiah in you. It's a link, it connects and it works. It is sacred. Breathe consciously, hold consciously and let it go consciously. The moment you start relating to the breath of life you will start becoming rich, prosperous and good.

"A person who can breathe one breath a minute can multiply life fifteen times—no matter what your disease or state of affairs is."

-Yogi Bhajan 1/18/95

Excerpts from a lecture given on November 18, 1988 in Claremont, CA

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