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How to Smudge? Sage Your Space!

How to Smudge? Sage Your Space

Smudging is quite simple and urge everyone not to overthink the process. Your reasoning & intentions alone of wanting to smudge yourself and space balances you off right away. There are deep spiritual roots behind smudging. Smudging for me is a time to bring harmony to all aspects of myself and my living space and all things in it. I speak my intentions while smudging ex. Cleanse my body and soul of all negative energy, purify me, protect me. Cleanse this space of all negative energy. Bless this home, bless this space, bless myself, bring all into balance and harmony. Let all be one, filled with positivity and cleanliness. Before smudging, I do a thorough cleaning of my surroundings and smudging using sage, juniper, cedar, blue sage, black sage etc is the final step in the purification process.

How to light your smudge stick? Using a smudge bowl, point your smudge stick down, using a lighter or a candle light the tip of the Sage. Fan the stick until is smokes. Do not blow it to get it to smoke. You can contaminate to sage stick.

How to smudge yourself?

In a clockwise motion from toe to head, front to back then in a clockwise motion fan the sage smudge stick over your entire body. Speak your intentions of clearing yourself of all negative energy, Remove all attachments.

How to smudge your home?

From the farthest place whether your basement or back of home. You start from the farthest place to ward of any negative energy from trying to go other parts of your space. Be mindful of all the corners windows, vents and smudge those areas also. Again, speaking your intentions of cleansing and purifying (you can say a prayer, meditate) Move your way up and out the front door sealing & protecting your home. You can out smudge stick using the smudge bowl or you can place it in your smudge bowl and let it burn until it is finished or naturally outs on its own.

Happy Smudging!

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