Why We Wear White in Kundalini Yoga?

Are you in a cult? No

Is this some sort of religion? No

So why do you wear all white?

Ahhh. It's a very simple philosophy. We wear white in Kundalini Yoga classes because it expands our auric field by at least one foot. If I can raise my consciousness even more by wearing white during class. I am all game! plus I really am a rule follower in some regards. Kundalini Yoga is not a Religion. It is a Science. Plus wearing white makes you want to keep up in staying clean, you hold yourself in a higher regard (because your trying not to dirty yourself for one. lol) There is a certain radiance with wearing complete white. For me, I see auras. I can see that "halo" effect around people. It's fasinating. From my underwear to my head garment is white when practicing & teaching Kundalini Yoga.