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Kundalini Yoga

I remember the moment I first laid eyes on Kundalini Yoga. It was a breath of fresh air. Living in Brooklyn, New York, the noise, the fast pace, the endless traffic, the patience most needed, calmness unbeknownst to some. The space of the class at Kundalini Yoga East was nothing I'd ever encountered until this point. Something in my core being steered me to this one divine encounter - Kundalini Yoga. I've never left. It's a way of life, it's a blessed way of life. To live truthfully, honestly, with compassion, to feel love for all things made a life a purpose within itself. My guts are now on fire, in a good way. it burns with desire to heal, to bring stillness, soothingness to everyone's life. It's a process worth sharing with all who are open to such a wonderful experience.

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