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Tiger Eye Yoni Egg

Tiger Eye Yoni Egg

    • Energy: Receptive
    • Powers: Insight, creativity, confidence, powerful and personal presence
    Tiger Eye works with the 2nd (sacral, sex organs)  and 3rd (solar plexus, navel point) chakra. Tiger Eye is used to attract wealth and prosperity. It increases devotion and aids in smoothing differences between life partners. It has strong energy to build leadership and authority. If you are seeking answers to your direction in life, use Tiger Eye.  It is used for spiritual healing of issues related to conflicts between emotions and one's true inner path.

    Use Tiger Eye to focus the Universal Life Force on resolving issues at the core of your being - such as dealing with either rejecting what you know to be your inner path, or causing pain to others.

    Is this the Yoni Egg for you? 

    *Each stone is perfect in its divine sacred right. Crystal Eggs are unique gems of the Earth. Gifts from the Universe and will vary in appearance*

  • No refunds on Yoni Eggs and herb blends. Due to the sacredness of each yoni egg and herb blends, as well as for sanitary reasons, we do not accept refunds on these products 

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