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Sodalite Yoni Egg - Size Large

Sodalite Yoni Egg

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    • Energy: Receptive 
    • Powers: Creativity, Meditation, Dream Work 
    Sodalite works with the 5th chakra (throat chakra) and the 6th Chakra (3rd eye, brow). It helps to open ones higher knowledge and intuition. It is one of the best stones that specifically opens the 3rd eye and brings inner psychic sight and intuitive knowledge. It assist to help one find their true self. It is a stone of truth to communication. It allows one to communicate their own truth effectively to the world (talk straight). Sodalite is an excellent crystal for meditation. It opens us the doorway gently for psychic development. It allows you to accept and absorb the knowledge without becoming overwhelmed. 

    Is this the Yoni Egg for you? 
    *Each stone is perfect in its divine sacred right . Crystal Eggs are unique gems of the Earth. Gifts from the Universe and will vary in appearance*
  • No returns on Yoni Eggs

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