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Organic Kinkeliba Herb

  • A natural tonic used for generations, kinkeliba is a plant native to West Africa, particularly Senegal, Mali and Sudan

    A mainstay of herbal medicine for generations, this remarkable plant is considered the miracle remedy accessible to and used by everyone in a variety of forms and with host of benefits such as: 

    • Blood purifier
    • fever reduction
    • cold and flu treatment, aids to treat chronic coughs
    • skin rejuvenation 
    • diabetes treatment
    • The leaves of the Kinkeliba plant contain antioxidant substances that have also shown potential for the prevention of diabetes. 
    • treats headaches 
    • aids in treating cancer 
    • The whole plant is used to treat diseases such as hepatitis
    • Increase urinary secretion and facilitate the evacuation of bile. It can be used for jaundice and gallstones.
    • Used to treat of constipation in the stimulation of digestive function and appetite. Kinkeliba has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties : it soothes the pain of people suffering from infectious diarrhea.
    • as a spiritual bath it can be used to cleanse and offer spiritual protection from negative energy and entities 
    • it relieves heat cramps and often given to pregnant woman and women after delivery of the baby for cleansing and building the blood. 

    Kinkeliba also used for sleeping disorders, digestion, skin problems such as eczema and acne and general recovery after illness. 

    How to prepare: 

    Put water to boil. Turn off heat. Add a handful of herbs. Let it steep & infuse for at least 15 minutes. This tea traditionally can be prepared 3 times. 

    The first time can prepare and add a slice of lemon or a few slices of ginger. 

    2 & 3rd time although weaker but still has properties in it. You can add milk or choice to it. 

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