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Kegal Ben Wa Balls - Improves pelvic floor muscles. 


Kegal Ben Wa Balls

  • Kegel balls are perfect for a woman looking to revive intimacy, improve daily bladder and pelvic function. Good to use post Pregnancy, childbirth recovery, having incontinence, ben wa balls applies to all. It safe and comfortable Build with certified body-safe metal, and body-safe silicone, offers a more silky smooth feel.


    Various applications  - 3 beads, 6 Weights for beginners to experienced to use.


    Regain control of life’s simple functions, stimulation, and control. Insert the balls into the body, use them for only 10-15 minutes a day, stimulate the pelvic floor muscles, and experience greater strength and stability in the pelvic region


    • High quality ben wa balls are your first step to a great life. Go have fun! Dance or exercise while using these Kegel balls and let yourself be free.


    What Are Some Of The Benefits?

    • Help cure urinary stress incontinence
    • Enhanced pelvic and bladder control
    • Control Unwanted Discharge of Urine. 
    • Maintain and tone pelvic floor health
    • Improve Daily Satisfaction
    • Regain tightness of pelvic floor muscles
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