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Dead Sea Salt Organic Scrub


Grace is infused with coconut & sandalwood resin

Serenity is subtle in smell, infused with Frankincense

Goddess is infused with Lavender & Rose 

Golden Love is subtle in smell, infused with Gold 

Peppermint is infused with peppermint essential oil

Pure is unscented 


You will enjoy anyone you choose

Dead Sea Salt Organic Body Scrub

  • Our luxurious invigorating Dead Sea Salt Scrub is Divine on its own.


    Dead Sea salt has been used for centuries to promote health and wellness, treat skin disorders, detoxify the body and prevent illness. Dead Sea salt differs from regular sea salt in that it has a much lower sodium content, balanced by minerals that feed and nourish the skin and body. A Dead Sea salt scrub is one of many ways to receive the therapeutic and beautifying benefits of this mineral-rich substance.


    Dead Sea Salt Scrub benefits include:

    • Removes dead skin cells

    • Glowing skin

    • Healthy lymph flow

    • Healthy blood circulation

    • Detoxifies

    • Improved appearance with a decrease in cellulite dimples

    • Improved skin firmness

    • Contains magnesium, potassium, and calcium

    • Promotes relaxation

    • Cleanses pores

    • Psoriasis and Eczema Relief


    How to use: Moisten your skin and apply the body scrub, starting at your feet and working up. Apply the scrub to your entire body. If desired, apply the body scrub with a sea sponge. Rinse the body scrub under a warm shower. Avoid using the scrub on cuts and scrapes or broken, irritated skin.


    Ingredients: Organic Dead Sea Salt, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter Fragrance, Essential Oils. 


    Safe for adults and children

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