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Crystal Quartz Yoni Egg - Size Large

Crystal Quartz Yoni Egg

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    • Energy: Projective, Receptive
    • Powers: Protection, Healing, Power, Lactation
    Crystal Quartz is the overall balancer. It works with all chakras. known as the anything stone. It radiates all the color vibrations within the spectrum of light. It can be programmed for all uses which brings light and energy into our spiritual bodies. Crystal quartz harmonizes and balances. It purifies the spiritual, mental and physical. It is a powerful protective stone. It stimulates the immune system and brings the body into balance

    Is this the Yoni Egg for you? 

    *Each stone is perfect in its divine sacred right. Crystal Eggs are unique gems of the Earth. Gifts from the Universe and will vary in appearance*

  • No refunds on Yoni Eggs and herb blends. Due to the sacredness of each yoni egg and herb blends, as well as for sanitary reasons, we do not accept refunds on these products 

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