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Chakra Gemstone Set to balance your chakras:

Can be used during meditation

Alter use 

Carry with you


Gemstones included in set: 

Bloodstone (Root Chakra) 

Carnelian (Sacral Chakra

Tiger Eye (Solar Plexus Chakra)

Rose Quartz (Heart Chakra)

Sodalite (Throat Chakra)

Amethyst (Third Eye Chakra)

Clear Quartz (Crown Chakra) 

Black Obsidian (Third Eye Chakra (Bonus Gemstone included) 



The Chakras and Emotionality: 


Root Chakra

Color: Red

Core Function: Self Image, Survival, Security. Stability and connection with the physical and material world. Trust, self confidence and balance 

What happens when this chakra is weak? Poor self-esteem. Has difficulty with authority or criticism. Ruled by old beliefs/superstitions. Not free to grow or change. Shame

What happens when this chakra is strong? Good self-esteem. Enjoys home, work and play. Interacts well with others. Positive outlook, Feels secure and balanced


Sacral Chakra (lower abdominal)

Color: Orange

Core Function: Senses. Emotional Connection. Touch, taste, smell, hearing, vision, creativity, sexuality, power, control, body image. 

What happens when this chakra is weak? Senses repressed. Rejection. Lacks trust in feelings + senses. Self-repression. Trouble letting go and accepting the unexpected. 

What happens wihen this chakra is strong? Senses open. Acceptance. Accute sense of smell, taste and touch. Open to psychic information. Balanced and self-loving


Solar Plexus Chakra 

Color: Yellow 

Core Function: Feelings, Self Esteem, Personality. Personal power. Consciousness of the self within the universe. Self determination. Trust and Faith 

What happens when this chakra is weak? Anxious personality. Has fear of the future and others' judgement. Fear of rejection. Fear of secrets being revealed. Indecisive. 

What happens when this chakra is strong? Faces the future with trust and confidence. All will turn out well. Feels strong enough and secure enough to handle all challenges. 


Heart Chakra 

Color: Green 

Core Function: Feelings. Love Center. Safety, compassion. Trust. Altruism. Giving and receiving. Emotional empowerment. Forgiveness

What happens when this chakra is weak? Angry personality. Type A. Trouble letting go and trusting. Lack of compassion for self and others. Hate, envy, fear. 

What happens when this chakra is strong? Loving and compassionate for self and others. Optimistic about people and events. Trusting, forgiveness and free-spirited. 


Throat Chakra

Color: Blue 

Core Function: Communication. Self-Expression. Speaking your truth. Listening and being heard. Being yourselfand finding people who will love you for that. Faith and Trust 

What happens when this chakra is weak? Sad personality. Early issues of abandonment and separation. Diffficulty with relationships. Hopeless and helpless. Blames problems on others. Feels alone. 

What happens with this chakra is strong? Happy personality. Enjoys home, work and relationships. Feels good being alone or sharing. Full of trust. Takes responsibility for own needs and happiness.


Third Eye Chakra (brow) 

Color: Violet or Indigo

Core Function: Self-development. Intuition. Physic abilities 

What happens when this chakra is weak? Unaware or closed to spirit. Close to intuition, panic, depression, fear, confusion

What happens when this chakra is strong? Self-development. Meditation, psychic abilities. Aligned with spirit. Detached, open minded.


Crown Chakra 

Color: White 

Core Function: Spiritual Development. Connection to a power greater than ourselves

What happens when this chakra is weak? Unaware of closed to spirit. Loss of meaning, identity, or purpose, depression, anxiety, exhaustion

What happens when this chakra is strong? Spiritual development. Asks for and accepts help from the universe. Sees the bigger picture 


Size range between 20-25mm 

Chakra Gemstone Set + Bonus

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