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Happy Fathers Day Kings!

I've had this on my spirit for a very long time. Today, makes it such a fitting and appropriate day to write and post this blog. So here it goes! Again this is just one woman's opinion.

I know some amazing, amazing, amazing fathers. There is nothing to glorify in it. They are doing what they are supposed to be doing; taking care of & spending time with their children. Majority of these men that I know who are amazing fathers are not with the mothers. Ok! So we do have some things to work on as a people, family unit, but that's not the gist of this blog. Amazing fathers, who are doing what they are supposed to be doing. Ok! So why the praise in abundance to men when they are doing what they should be doing? Why all the “wow, your such a good dad!”, when a picture is posted of a man with his child? I don't see this same praise in retrospect when women post picture with their children. So I thought to myself. What exactly is going on? I own a group family day care as well along with my mother. I've commented on this many times purely based on my own experiences and observations with dads. When I first began working back in child care (where we bought a home and opened back up our group family day care business) there were NO DADS! It seemed as if every child had no active father. This was about 13 years ago. Only moms, dads where incognito. This doesn't speak for all circumstances, but solely on my observation. Since then, i've serviced 100's of families. We had no active dads for many years and then one day! Light bulbs went on! Dads reappeared. Dad's dropping off, picking up, giving kisses, cooking for our Harvest Happening. A shift happened. There was a time that we lost a lot of our father, they were not around. But today I am happy to say, I know more awesome fathers than dead beat dads! I KNOW SOME GREAT FATHERS, DAD, GRANDFATHER, MEN, KINGS! The importance of the family balance (whatever balance means to you) has returned and it is a good thing. So to all the amazing men I know: Happy Fathers Day!

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