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Keep your immune system strong. Build & fight off unwanted ailments. Immune System Soup! All you have to add is carrots, onions, garlic, salt & pepper to taste (if desired)


In package is 1/4 Ginseng Root, 1/4 cup  of Astragulus, 4 Shiitake Mushrooms & 1 Ginger Root. Have soup 1-2 times a week. 


Additional Ingredients to add (not in packet)


1 medium yellow onion chopped

2 carrots sliced

4 cloves of garlic

1/4th cup of brown rice (if desired) 

4 cups of water



Add 4 cups of water to pot and bring to a boil

add package of Immune soup blend 

add carrots, garlic, onions, brown rice

Add salt and pepper to taste

lower heat

let the soup simmer for 1 hour



Ginseng Root Ginseng has been well known as an immune modulator. Roots (mostly), stems, leaves of ginseng, and their extracts have been used for maintaining immune homeostasis and enhancing resistance to illness or microbial attacks through effects on immune system

Mushrooms such as Reishi and Shitake, Fights cancer cells and infectious disease, boosts the immune system, promotes brain function, and serves as a source of B vitamins. It is also the natural cure for hpv virus infection. It has anti-viral activity to kill the effects of this virus that provides relief from genital warts. Astragalus is a Chinese medicinal herb used since ancient times. Astragalus has antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, which enhance the immune system and improve the body’s ability to fight off viral infections, such as HPV. 

Immune System Soup

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